Meet the team

Bordeaux natives, we created My Private French Travel in order to share our passion for our region, with its culture, its gastronomy, its unique wines, its protected nature.


We design unique stays and experience in the region of Bordeaux, with a focus on the wines and Grand Crus of Bordeaux and its craftsmanship. 

We design unique experiences on the basis of an idea, a theme or a passion that you might have. All our stays include activities that were carefully selected from our trusted partners, always passionate about their work, and with whom we share the love of our region.

We want to share with you our passion for Bordeaux, for you to discover and share memorable moments in exceptional, authentic places that you would never have been able to discover otherwise.

All our stays are unique, no experience will be the same, because they are designed by you and designed around your wishes. That is our definition of luxury, the chance to uncover unique experiences and local treasures. 

What makes our offering unique is a clever combination of authenticity, quality and exclusivity.

Your experience with My Private French Travel

  • 100% personalised

    Activities and accommodations catered to your needs.

  • Local expertise

    Passionate about the region, we select only the best for you.

  • Co-create your stay

    Together, we create an experience based on your wishes.

  • Peace of mind

    Enjoy, and let us take care of everything else.


My Private French Travel, it is first and foremost a  team of people passionate about a region, its wines and spirits, its gastronomy, its lifestyle and its history.  

Frederic Nau My Private French Travel


"Oeonology and Geogology graduate from Bordeaux University, I have inherited from a long family tradition of winemakers a passion for the region of Bordeaux, which I decided to share by creating My Private French Travel. After a successful career in the industry and real estate, it is time for me to get back to my roots, and it brings me real joy to share with people the lifestyle and craftsmanship that made the reputation of our region. The experiences we create will always reflect our passion for authenticity, craftmanship, curiosity... and of course our favorite adresses!"

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P MOULIA - Bordeaux My Private French Travel


"After 42 years of activity in real estate and construction in Bordeaux, passionate for the South West from the Charentes to the Basque country without forgetting of course the city and vineyards of Bordeaux, I was solicited many times by customers, colleagues, friends to speak and present our region and its vineyards, from the most prestigious addresses to the more intimate domains held by very beautiful people with many stories .... I was born in the middle of the vineyards and wine cellars, because my family is originally from the viticulture and the cooperage industry! Back to my roots, thanks to the complicity of a friend and associate ...."

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Cyrielle Nau

 “ Foodie and passionate about travel, I was lucky to live since my youngest years surrounded by the best wines in Bordeaux. WSET level 3 graduate, I am always keen on discovering wines from here and away, and their stories. Sustainability is paramount to me, may it be through reducing your footprint while travelling but also through inclusive tourism benefiting all the actors of our territories. 

After living for 10 years abroad, I have decided to get back to my roots to share the best of our region, renowned for its craftsmanship and history. It is always a pleasure for me to share these experiences with people from different backgrounds and cultures. "

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Daria Grom My Private French Travel


"Originally from Russia, I fell in love with Bordeaux and its region as soon as I arrived. And ten years later, I still continue to discover hidden treasures, magnificent chateaux and breathtaking views. WSET level 2 graduate I adore exeptional wines of this region.

Bordeaux is a place to visit and revisit. The local art of living is a true source of joy, calm and inspiration. And it also inspires me to share this art of living with those who come to visit."

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5 star DMC luxury france

“ We had the most fabulous weekend in Bordeaux and surrounding wine districts. Everything was well planned and carried out accordingly and we could not have asked for a better guide, a better choice of wine producers to visit or restaurants for the meals included in the package. Just perfect!”  Ase, Sweden

“Ils ont énormément apprécié leur séjour en France et le programme réservé, notamment celui de Bordeaux. Les vins ont d'ailleurs ravi les participants ! ”  Aker BP & Chambre de Commerce Franco-Norvégienne

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