Duration On demand

Budget On demand

  • Ocean
  • Nature
  • Off the beaten path
  • Just for you


  • Turnkey offer - we organize for you
  • A tailor-made event that fits your objectives
  • Flexible formats (thematic workshops, half-day and full-day workshops, multi-day)
  • Possibilities for all group sizes
  • On the basin, in the countryside, in the vineyard or in Bordeaux
  • Contact us directly for any questions

Motivate and gather your team around an experience or a stay.   Our turnkey offer adapts to your culture and your objectives.  From a thematic workshop in town to a green retreat over several days, enjoy moments of conviviality and a change of scenery, even for a few hours. 

Few Ideas

  • Two days

    A weekend in the nature to recharge the batteries of your teams or find some new inspiration. Punctuate your stay with workshops or outdoors activities, visits to producers and convivial moments to strengthen the bonds and stimulate the creativity of your staff.

  • A day

    A day to get away from it all and strengthen the bonds of your team. Why not an introduction to surfing or golf or a tasting session? Organize a workshop around wine with your teams, with a blending workshop for example. Discover the know-how of your region by visiting a cooperage or a producer.

  • A few hours

    Looking for a tailor-made workshop in Bordeaux? A themed tasting in your premises or in a cellar, a cooking class with a local Chef or a dinner in an exceptional private venue, contact us to create your tailor-made event.