Expérience Thé & Vin au Château la Rivière

Published the 08/15/2020 in Exploring the Region

What do wine and Pu'er? tea have in common?  Fermentation!  It is at Château La Rivière, in Fronsac, that we were introduced to the tasting of Pu'er tea, a tea from the Yunnan region with the specificity of being fermented.   

Dive in the underground

At Château la Rivière, the visit begins with the cellars, underground... Ideal in summer to keep cool, since the temperature is naturally 13°. These cellars are the work of the stonemasons of the region, and extend for nearly 30km below the castle and the vineyard... You can even see the roots of the vines on the surface! These cellars testify to the clay-limestone nature of the soils, 

Originality of the place, the tasting was done underground... a moment of peace and quiet! 

After this tour in the cellars, we enjoy the breathtaking view of the castle on the vineyard. And for those who wish, we can extend the experience with a dinner or a night at the castle.

Une dégustation mémorable à Fronsac

Wine & Tea

Pu'er - the unique taste of fermented teaThis is not the usual comparison, but Pu'er tea and wine do have the fermentation process in common. Although their manufacturing process is quite different, and their origin too - Pu'er tea comes from the Pu'er region, located in Yunnan, China - we were able to appreciate their similarity.
Aromatically, the aromas are different, but there are common notes, such as mushroom, a tertiary wine aroma common to Pu'er wine.

The tasting ritualAs with wine, the terroir is key in the final aromatic bouquet, it is not only the plant that gives the tea its aromas and characteristics.

Another common point is that Pu'er tea is an exceptional and collectible product in China, and collectors don't hesitate to spend large sums of money on the oldest Pu'er teas, dating back a hundred years!

A beautiful discovery led by Xiaochen, which allowed us to travel to the heart of Yunnan from Fronsac, a luxury during this so special period! 

And on the wine side, the Château de la Rivière is an excellent Fronsac whose reputation is well established. A majority of Merlot and a subtle blend of Cabernet France, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec is aged in oak barrels. Beautiful notes of chocolate, liquorice, black fruits and a well-balanced woodiness that can easily be kept in the cellar for several years ...

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