Into the Wine - part. 2 : Vidéos, Podcasts and Elearnings

Published the 04/04/2020 in Our Selection

It's not always easy to find good movies to watch during rainy days or when you simply can't or don't want to do anything else but stay in. Perhaps you would like to broaden your knowledge about wine and the culture around wine at the same time. For this purpose, we have selected a few movies, documentaries, books and MOOCs that you can't afford to miss.  After the movies,    here is other interesting contents! 


GuildSomm - the sommelier channel (EN)


GuildSomm is a non-profit organization committed to inspiring and exchanging information for wine service professionals worldwide. Through an online community and in-person events, they aim to help members expand their knowledge of the world's wine regions and keep up to date with industry news and trends.

Wine Folly (EN) 


Madeline Puckette, author of the best-selling book Wine Folly, who proposes to learn about wine with simple and informative computer graphics, offers introductory videos on Youtube. The videos are on the same basis, easy to understand, perfect for beginners! 

The Grape Explorer (EN)


Short videos and many themes, perfect if you want to work on your English around topics as varied as the almond aroma in a wine or a quiz about Chilean wines. 

#Tutovino (FR)

Follow the Tutovino hashtag to discover tons of cool content available for free (and in French)!  


Personally I haven't yet listened in to all these, but here is a great compilation of podcasts on the subject:


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MOOC* & online

For those who want to go further and deeper, many MOOCs exist online to build your knowledge of wine. Some diplomas are even available remotely, so take advantage of them. 

* MOOC = Massive Open Online Course, in other words online learning resources. 

MOOC on Champagne (free, EN/FR)

Two online versions, one free and one paid to become a champagne pro or to resume the basics of the traditional method of making sparkling wines. 


MOOC on Rioja - Rioja Wine Academy (free, EN/SP) 

An alternative in Spanish (and English) this time, discovering the wines of Rioja, a wine region not too far from Bordeaux.


WSET levels 1, 2, 3 online  (multiple languages)

WSET is currently the world's largest wine, spirits and sake training organisation. Most of their courses are offered online, so if you have the time, why not take the opportunity to pass level 1 or 2?

World of Wine - from grape to glass, University of Adelaide (free - EN) 

A MOOC that starts on March 25th, and which offers an introduction to wine, from the vine to the glass. Perfect for those who wish to add a strong theoretical framework to their practical knowledge...

Vin & Wine -  AgroSup      (free - EN/FR)

For those who want to go further or who are wondering about more in-depth subjects around viticulture and biology, this MOOC is perfect. The archives are available free of charge online.

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