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Published the 03/10/2020 in Our Selection

This month (like every month) we have selected one of the golden nuggets of our wine region, a wine with an atypical history for Bordeaux. Bought in 2012 from the champagne company Roederer, initially as an impulse of its current owner, Yannick Evenou. For us, this is a chateau that ticks all the boxes: an original history, an excellent value for money wine, and a property with a spectacular view. 

An innovative model

Réaut's originality lies above all in its timeshare business model. In 2012, Yannick Evenou, then director of Château La Dominique in Saint-Émilion, convinced a group of friends (6 from Bordeaux and 6 from Burgundy, yes it can happen!) to invest in the estate. We find this particular mix both in the emblem of the chateau and in the vineyards of the property!

Historically, the estate has been run by the Réaut family for several generations, hence the name of the Chateau.

In 2020, the chateau now has nearly 550 co-owners from 15 different countries who act as ambassadors of the chateau. Mixing business with pleasure, they meet every year for a day of celebration of the harvest. 

The 2019 vintage tasted before release!

Spectacular views of the Garonne river

Château Réaut is part of the sub-appellation of Côte de Bordeaux. Located in Rions, the castle benefits from the moderating effects of the Garonne river and a magnificent hilly exposure. Rions is located only a few kilometres from Cadillac, the city South of Bordeaux known for its luscious sweet wines. 

Château Réaut overlooks the Garonne valley and gives a stunning view down on the snaking river. The recently renovated complex has a terrace with a breath-taking view over the vineyards and the Garonne valley!

La Terrasse de Reaut

The wines

The range of wines that are offered by the chateau is relatively extensive, with two red wines, including Carat, a white wine and a rosé. We particularly like the Carat, the first wine of the Chateau, dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon and produced only on very good vintages: 2012, 2015... etc. The white wine, 100% Sauvignon Blanc, has a very beautiful aromatic power and freshness.

Generally speaking, these wines are excellent value for money, and benefit from an exceptional terroir with a favourable exposure on the famous Garonne hillsides.

The range of wines @châteauRéaut

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