In 2020, become a Bordeaux wine expert

Published the 12/31/2019 in The Cellar

If your new year resolution is to learn everything about Bordeaux wines, we have an idea for you! Here, in Bordeaux you have a possibility to discover the wine culture even within four days and not only visit some chateaux but also discover tasting technics and principles of wine and food pairing.

Day 1 – Tasting initiation

You arrive in Bordeaux in the beginning of the afternoon and your journey in the wine world begins directly. Initiation masterclass will help you to learn different steps of wine tasting, to understand the balance of wine and its different components, to develop your nose with game of scents and judge the potential of wine. Discover all the colors of Bordeaux and the characteristics of the different wine region through our initiation masterclass. 

Initiation à la dégustation

Day 2 – Chateaux : the littles and the bigs

We are going to vineyards! When we are studying wine the visit to a chateau is inevitable. From the vines to the cellar, learn how to make a great wine and create one yourself. First of all visit a family property and during meeting and lunch with a winemaker learn everything about the production of this noble drink. Then visit a Grand Cru and there you can participate in something almost magic. During the masterclass “Assemblage” you will discover grape varieties of Bordeaux region their part in aromatic bouquet and taste of wine. Influence of "terroir", varietals or winemaking techniques... learn where Bordeaux wines reputation for reliability come from. And of course you will blend your own bottle! 

Our winemakers day  is perfect to discover all the secrets of the vines and winemaking, or make your own grand cru. 

Château Haut Bailly

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Day 3 – Food and wine pairing

There is no unimportant question when we are talking about good wine. « What do we eat with it?” is one that is almost crucial. With local chef and cellar master discover the best food and wine pairings in Bordeaux and leave with wonderful notes to make your meal just perfect.

And in the afternoon, you can give you new knowledge a trial during a tasting of best Bordeaux wines in the heart of the city! Taste the Grands Crus that made the reputation of the region. 


Vin et gastronomie

Day 4 – Bordeaux et the world

Bordeaux is the world wine capital and the City of Wine is an inescapable place for all of those who come to discover the world of great wines. Discover the wine culture all over the world, history and interesting facts and then take a glass of wine observing Bordeaux from the heights of the belvedere before your departure. 

Cité du Vin

This idea of a stay shows just some examples of how your journey can be organized if you want it to be about wine. We also have blind and vertical tastings, tasting from the barrel, caskmakers visit… Wine world is large and passionate and if you are looking for something more than just visits we are here to help you discover this world.

Don't miss our next articles about Bordeaux wines in January, where you will get to learn more about the different wines found in the region! 


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