The gem of the month - Les Frères Moines

Published the 09/23/2020 in The Cellar

This month, we're heading to Cognac to reveal the nugget of the month... and it's an original nugget because it brings together wines, pineau and cognac! Welcome to the Frères Moines, where creativity, conviviality, quality, and authenticity blend together  ! 

The moine family

As often it is a family story... and what a family! A mix of different talents and backgrounds give birth to a range of products that we loved ... From red wines containing residual sugars, to Pineau des Charentes with carbonic maceration and their excellent Cognac, we love it. Special mention for the bottles and their design (it is also a creation of the family), which are beautiful and original!

The originality of the place? Art is omnipresent, whether it is in the glass, with real original creations, or in the cellars, with the famous fresco made with the

Beware, do not delay to go and see it, because by its nature, it is ephemeral!

A vineyard of more than 40 hectares of vines, including 32 hectares of Ugni Blanc, the king of Cognac. There is also Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, used in particular for the preparation of Pineau rosé and local wines. Finally, and more original, we find Chenin Blanc, rarer in our region, as well as some plots of Gamay (friends of Beaujolais you will recognize this grape!) and Colombard. 

Yanne et Gabriel Moine - les deux frères

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all taste and colors

The range of products produced by the family is very wide! Even if they are first and foremost producers of Cognac, with 32 ha of Ugni Blanc, you will also find wines with grape varieties that are not always found in the region, such as Chenin Blanc or Gamay. Experimentation and creation being the order of the day, each year reveals a new experiment on a grape variety!

For Cognac, we find a VS, VSOP and XO. These are Cognacs that have distinguished themselves by their finesse, and a little anecdote, the VSOP is even used as a base of choice in the cocktails of the region's luxury hotel, the Chais Monnet.

Les Cognac de la Maison Moine, un excellent rapport qualité prix, et un design sympas!

The house also produces Pineau des Charentes (all about it in this article), the other great specialty of the region, with a small originality, carbonic maceration! I particularly appreciate the design of their labels, all of them being modern and original. 

Des chais et un domaine haut en couleur !


Do not hesitate to contact us for any request for a day or weekend in Cognac, to discover a terroir rich in ancestral know-how and very well preserved. 

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