The gem of the month - Y of Yquem

Published the 12/16/2019 in The Cellar

On the occasion of Bordeaux Tasting, which took place on the weekend of 14-15 December and was organised by the magazine Terre de Vins, the My Private French Travel team was able to attend Yquem Masterclass. Vertical tasting of different vintages: 2015, 1995 and 1988. But also the Y of Yquem... a unique wine! 

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 Y : « Not a second wine, another wine »

Y not trying something new? Defined by Pierre Lurton as another wine, the Y is singularly different from its siblings of Graves or Sauternes.

It is neither a sweet wine nor a dry wine, as it generally contains between 6 and 8 grams of residual sugar.

It is indeed the product of a different vinification, since the grapes are picked very slightly botrytised, so earlier in the season compared to the regular sauternes. 

In terms of blending, Y is made up of 75% Sauvignon Blanc and 25% Semillon. There are notes of lemon, grapefruit and white peach (aroma characteristic of botrytis), and according to Pierre Lurton, as it ages, this wine is similar to an Alsatian wine rather than a typical Bordeaux profile.

Sylvie Tonnaire's "Terre de Vins" tasting notes: a wine that is immediately "singular, atypical on the nose. It reveals itself in a great fullness, velvety, it covers the palate with a lot of texture. Aromas of jasmine, citrus fruits, which will certainly go towards white pepper. To be served with a white fish carpaccio with candied lemon zest, possibly topped with a few pomegranate grains, lime ice cream or cardamom ice cream. »

Find the full article on the Masterclass and tasting notes in french ici.

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So lucious, a glass of Yquem is as beautiful as it tastes!

What makes Yquem such a legendary wine? Often considered one of of the best wines in the world, Yquem wines combine all the characteristic of great wines. A historic property of the Lur-Saluces family until the 1990s, Yquem now belongs to the LVMH group, which also owns the famous Hennessy cognac house and Cheval Blanc in Saint-Emilion. The only 1er Cru Supérieur in Sauternes classified in 1855, Yquem's reputation is well established.


« A particular touch, tactile like a great fabric, between silkiness and great freshness, purity, radiance, lightness. To drink a glass of Yquem is to enter a universe, to experience a certain ecstasy in a wonderful world! » Pierre Lurton


The sweet wines of Yquem are often highly regarded because of the complexity of the production of Sauternes sweet wines, since only one glass of Sauternes is generally produced per vine stock, compared to an average of one bottle in the other vineyards of the Bordeaux region. The magic of botrytis cinerea gives it unique aromas, and this noble rot can only develop under extremely specific climatic conditions, which are found only in rare vineyards (Tokaji, Austria).


As for tasting, the Sauternes of Château Yquem is characterized by notes of currants, candied fruits or apricots that will become more complex with age, towards notes of saffron, figs, dates. And a golden robe, which pulls towards amber when it ages.... To be tested absolutely once, especially during a weekend in Sauternes. or during a thematic day in a Château classified in 1855.

Yquem, well hidden in Sauternes

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