What to do in Bordeaux and in the South of France in November

Published the 11/01/2023 in Useful Information

In our latest article, we listed the best experiences in Bordeaux and the surrounding region during the winter season. November is here, and the distillation process is underway in the Cognac and Armagnac regions. Here are the events we recommend in the vicinity of Bordeaux.


From the 28th of october 2023 till the 4th of february 2024

verre d'armagnac

Every year, just a two-hour drive from Bordeaux, the Gascony region comes alive with the rhythm of Armagnac distillation. This ancient tradition breathes life into the spirit of numerous villages, transforming them into vibrant venues for celebrating this precious liqueur. Armagnac, that golden nectar with subtle aromas, epitomizes the Gascony spirit of conviviality. During this event, visitors are invited to raise a glass to the authenticity and warmth of the region, sharing unique moments of tasting and discovery.

The festivities illuminate the history and craftsmanship of Armagnac producers, providing a deep immersion into the local culture. It's an essential event for gastronomy enthusiasts and those who cherish Gascon traditions, where Armagnac is savored while paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of this beautiful region.


JARNAC, the 11th of november 2023

marathon du cognac course dans vignoble

Two decades of perseverance, dedication, and celebration! The Cognac Marathon shines brightly as it celebrates its 20th anniversary. Regardless of your fitness level, this special edition promises moments of camaraderie and joy. Join us for an exceptional experience where the passion for running seamlessly blends with the welcoming atmosphere of the Cognac region.

It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate the longevity of this sporting event while discovering the charm of Cognac's culture. Come in large numbers to run, have fun, and raise your glass to two decades of success!



From the 11th till the 12th of november 2023affiche festval les barriquades

The Festival Les Barriques is back to celebrate committed organic winemakers. This event highlights environmentally-friendly viticulture practices. Join us in exploring a selection of exceptional wines while contributing to the promotion of sustainable winegrowing. It's the perfect opportunity to savor high-quality wines while participating in the preservation of our planet through an initiative that combines enjoyment and responsibility.

Come in large numbers to support this noble cause and awaken your taste buds to the world of organic wines.






It's the long-awaited time for wine enthusiasts to uncover the secrets of vineyards during the November open houses. In the heart of this season, several renowned wine appellations open their doors to welcome visitors and offer them an unforgettable experience.

* Sauternes   and    Barsac

From the 11th till the 12th of november 2023 

The Sauternes and Barsac appellations are preparing to unveil their treasures to the public. These renowned terroirs, known for their sweet wines, provide an opportunity to dive into the enchantment of winemaking. There will be tastings to tantalize the taste buds and guided tours to learn more about the production process.

* Sainte-Croix-du-Mont

From the 18th till the 19th of november 2023 

It's Sainte-Croix-du-Mont's turn to invite wine enthusiasts to explore its vineyards. Nestled on the banks of the Garonne, this appellation is renowned for its sweet wines and enchanting panoramic views. The open houses will allow visitors to savor the sweetness of its vintages while basking in the charm of the terroir.

* Pomerol

The 19 of november 2023

Wine enthusiasts from Bordeaux will also have the opportunity to visit Pomerol, an appellation renowned for its elegant red wines. The open houses in Pomerol will provide a glimpse into the passion and tradition that underlie the production of these characterful wines.


affiche journee gourmande de loupiac et foie grasFrom the 25th till the 26th of november 2023 

The Gourmet Days of Loupiac and Foie Gras are back with a bang! This annual event celebrates the winemakers of Loupiac and the farmers of Landes. Just 50 minutes from Bordeaux and 16 minutes from Langon, come and savor the delights and meet these passionate artisans who will share their specialties. It's a true feast for the senses, where gastronomy and conviviality come together to delight the palate and discover the authenticity of these terroirs. Don't miss the opportunity to savor these delights and engage with local producers at this event, promising an unforgettable gourmet experience.


If you wish to participate in one of these events and explore our region, you can contact us directly at contact@millesimeprive.com, and we will be happy to offer you a tailor-made stay.